Meet Our Team

Master Chocolatier

Håkan Mårtensson

Håkan established himself at a very young age as one of Europe’s most respected and admired chocolatiers, and went on to enjoy a long and acclaimed career at Sweden’s top chocolate house.

Fueled by an endless creativity and passion for extraordinary quality, he has won several prestigious awards for his creations. In 2009, Håkan and FIKA joined forces and have since developed a line of exclusive hand rolled truffles, pralines and chocolate bars. His mission is to take you on a sweet journey and create an experience truly out of the ordinary.

Fine Pastry Chef

Ola Andersson

Before coming to America, Ola perfected his baking skills at the most prestigious Swedish bakeries, including the landmark café “Vete-Katten” in Stockholm and “Olof Viktors” in Southern Sweden. Upon graduating from culinary school, Ola went on to cultivate his sense of adventure and craft by travelling to and working at a variety of bakeries in the Swiss Alps and other parts of Europe.

Ola is thrilled to be an integral part of the FIKA culinary team and to be passing on the art of Swedish desserts and pastry making to the New York audience.

Executive Pastry Chef & Baker

Robert Tell

Robert began his career at the age of sixteen, and has cultivated his art and gained experience from working at some of the highest ranking bakeries in Stockholm

The key to his delectable spread? Simplicity and Swedish influence. Never too sweet, only the best ingredients, and a huge portion of love for what he does. His personal favorites include a freshly baked cinnamon bun with cold milk, or the famous "dammsugare", a classic Swedish favorite made from cocoa, arrak liqueur, marzipan and chocolate

Hand crafted with love and care. No cutting corners.