• Comedian Chris Gethard Obsesses with FIKA Chocolates

Comedian Chris Gethard Obsesses with FIKA Chocolates

Jun 05. 2015. Written by FIKA NYC

Excerpt from Grub Street Article, by Sierra Tishgart

"We’re only a few weeks away from our first shoot, and I spend a ton of time at the office these days. My wife has been stopping by when she has time, to make sure we get to see each other and hang out a bit. She stopped by today and brought me a treat: two round chocolate balls that she tells me are from a place on 58th Street called FIKA.

I don’t know anything about Fika, and don’t know if my wife goes there regularly. What I do know is that whatever these round brown balls are, I want to eat them again. They were chocolate but also had a ton of coconut in them. Are they macaroons? I also taste sea salt, which is not surprising, since it’s 2015 and fancy chocolate requires sea salt. Also, I’m pretty certain there’s coffee in there. It’s so hard to say what all these flavors are. The only thing I’m sure of right now is that I want more of these in my mouth ASAP."

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