• FIKA is proud to be MADE IN NYC

FIKA is proud to be MADE IN NYC

Aug 07. 2015. Written by FIKA NYC


At FIKA, we value our Swedish heritage, and part of that is being environmentally conscious. As a coffee shop chain, we recognize the importance of buying local products not only for the environmental impact but also for maintaining a high quality product. Most of the products that you buy in our store are made in New York City. The milk served at FIKA is locally sourced from Hudson Valley. Our chocolate truffles are produced right out of our chocolate factory in Tribeca, and our bread and cakes baked in our bakery in Hells Kitchen. In fact, the coffee beans in the FIKA brew is roasted right in Brooklyn, New York. In having production close to our stores, we ensure that our customers have the freshest buns, bread, and chocolates.

Due to our local production, FIKA is now a Made in NYC is certified retailer through the Pratt Center. The Made in NYC is an initiative by the Pratt Center for Community Development to recognize producers, manufacturers and retailers that prioritize their production in New York City. The city has approximately 7,000 small manufacturers that employ 65,000 people. We are proud to be a part of a group that supports production in New York City!

Click here to view our listing and learn more about the Made in NYC initiative 

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